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Sepik Region

News Flash
"After over 20 years of navigating the waterways of the mighty Sepik River, it is with a touch of sadness that we announce that as of 2013 we will no longer be offering cruises aboard the MV Sepik Spirit. The current economic climate, combined with the dramatic increase in fuel and other operating costs has meant we are no longer able to offer cruises at affordable rates to our guests.

The brilliant news is that these will in-fact; make visiting the remote Sepik River villages more affordable and more accessible than ever before to our guests!!

The MV Sepik Spirit has found a new home on the Sepik River and will be permanently berthed at Kaminimbit village, located in the Middle Sepik where most of the population lives.

This is one of the richest areas for art and culture in the Sepik region. It is accessible by light aircraft from Mount Hagen (Rondon Ridge), Karawari or Ambua Lodges. She will become our 6th (Floating) “Wilderness Lodge” – fully staffed, fully air-conditioned and as luxurious as ever – a perfect retreat after a day exploring in the Sepik heat.

The MV Sepik Spirit will now be available to guests all year round. We will no longer require a minimum number of guests or a minimum number of nights to keep her fully operational.

From Kaminimbit we will be able to offer daily cultural touring programs into many of the remote villages once visited by the MV Sepik Spirit on her cruises - such as the Chambri Lakes, Mindimbit, Yentchen, Palembei, Kanganaman, Timbunke and Tambunum.

We are really excited for this new future for the MV Sepik Spirit and she looks forward to warmly welcoming her 2013 guests!!"

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