Hi Liz,

Just reporting in that we’re back from an amazing holiday!  It was so fabulous that Tahiti really did live up to my expectations - it really is like the postcards!
The transfers worked perfectly according to schedule - thank you. 

We LOVED the overwater bungalow at Le Meridien, Bora Bora - perfect that we had 4 x relaxing nights there.  We went to the mainland twice for dinner - once to Bloody Marys (that was an experience!!!!  …… it was a Saturday night and they definitely wanted the tourists out by 9:15 so they could clear the tables and get set up for the disco - which was definitely locals only).  The other night we ate at Bora Bora Yacht club which was fabulous.  Although very windy that night - empty wine glasses blown off the table!  But all added to the fun. 

We knew that Hilton Moorea would not be as flash but were disappointed that the room was very noisy.  Our room joined another room (perfect for a family) but the walls were paper thin.  The next door occupant obviously had a nasal problem and we could hear the toilet flushing and laughing as they were watching a movie.  We did speak to a very helpful concierge lady who moved us to another room for the next two nights but same thing.  Just frustrating when you can hear the phone ringing in the next room ….. especially as it was an early morning wake up call!!  I tell you this so you can advise future clients to definitely pay a little extra for the standalone bungalows - either on land (we did love the private plunge pool) or over water.  We ate out two nights - once to Rudy’s and once at Moorea Beach Club.  Both were fantastic. 

The return to Papeete went well and thank goodness we had a hotel room for the day as after a quick look around downtown Papeete (yuk) we were able to head back for a swim and snooze, lovely dinner in hotel (phew - as didn’t fancy walking around the streets) before very late departure. 

So overall we would definitely go back - next time straight to Bora Bora.  So keep us in mind for future specials next winter. 

Anyway, thanks again for organising this trip. 

Kind Regards