Good morning Ahna, 

You did the above bookings for us , Manava Suite Resort, Papeete and Moorea Perl Resort + Spa, Moorea.

We would like to let you know that we were very pleased with our trip and the experiences in both places were absolutely positive. Locations good, accommodation adequately appointed and very orderly and clean, personnel polite, obliging , efficient and graceful, restaurants above average and particularly the meals in Moorea extremely good value (we had the breakfast + dinner package) and the general atmosphere in both places relaxed and friendly (helped by the fact that at this time in the season only approx half booked).Sea access and swimming ok in Papeete and quite good in Moorea, even with reasonable snorkeling here, at any stage of the tide and the pools in both places delightful and big enough for the exercise minded. Only niggle would be the very limited equipment available for on/in the water activities in Moorea while there seemed to be absolutely nothing available in Papeete.

What impressed us were the transfer services provided by Tahiti Nui Travel : 100% reliable and always spot on time !

All up your arrangements were very suitable and satisfying for what we were looking for and thereby gave us the delightful little break we were hoping for.

We thank you for your good choices and arrangements ! We will certainly recommend you to our friends.

Kind regards,
L S Tan  / U Schmutzler