Hi Briar

Ratua Island was exquisite!

Apart from the hiccup with our arrival transfer we had a fantastic time.  It’s a great place for a couple like us wanting a complete break for a week without heaps of people around.

The food is amazing and the meal package is the way to go. Everything is so fresh and we loved that everything was either caught or grown. The desserts were fabulous, any longer than a week and I think you would have had to have rolled me out of there.

Their website does not do them justice, the rooms are gorgeous.  Definitely different with them being natural wood and having little shutters for windows - but so cute, clean and comfortable.  If you were someone who was used to a resort with a swimming pool, air conditioning and the mini bar the place is not for you but at this time of the year it was perfectly comfortable.  Didn’t see a mosquito the whole time we were there but they take precautions with the mozzie nets around the bed and light coils every night in your room for you. 

The activities are great, there are things to do if you want to but given the low key nature of the place its really your choice. You could easily take kids there with the great snorkelling, horse riding, canoes, etc.

Overall, loved it!!!

Thanks again.