Hi Kyla

Thanks for the email! We had an incredible time at Litia Sini. The Fale's were lovely, the food was incredible and the staff were so so friendly and sweet and the beach was perfect! It was a great atmosphere too with a communal dining area which was great for getting to know other people there!

The only thing we would say is they need to step up the info on what to do in case of a Tsunami as there was a 6.5 quake when we were there and they were so unorganised and hadn't even told half the people staying there what to do in case of an emergency! And the track up the hill was not lit up or sign-posted! That is something that I will be writing in my review of the place on Trip Adviser!

The transfer didn't pick us up from the Samoan Outrigger but the lady apologized profusely (as she forgot to book it for us) and got us a taxi there instead. And the only other small thing was we didn't realise was we had to pay a 40 Tala departure tax each on the way home - but now we know :)

We loved every minute of the holiday though and love the Samoan people. Will definitely go back as soon as we can!

Thanks for all your help  with organizing our trip

Kind regards,