Talofa to you Liz

We had a great time thanks. Aggie Grey's Lagoon, Beach Resort & Spa was great overall.
Unfortunately our kids have come home with a very bad ear infection that is put down to the pool. It seems that with the amount of people thru the pool daily, the cleanliness was too lax. As a result of this I have been to the doctor 3 times in 24hours. In Aggies defense, they were very quick to offer prescription ear drops (at a price) which was a huge relief. There were also several cases of the tummy bug going around the resort.

Staff were very helpful and friendly. They couldn't be faulted on service. My friend Chris that came with us is in a wheel chair and they were "over the top" helpful. Definitely a place to go with your family and relax.

The exchange rate made living cost effective and having a local store only 5 minutes walk away was a welcome reprieve from resort drink prices. Food was very average, as they do not change the menu at all. In saying this, I was aware of this and therefore happy.

The weather was superb and we longed for hours in the sun and drank our far share of cocktails. Drove around the whole island and went snorkelling. Paradise Cove, Black Sands and Palolo Deep are the best in my opinion.

I would go again, but will probably choose other shores that I have not explored yet next time.

Thanks so much for your help, you have made it an easy and enjoyable transaction. I will contact you next year for another adventure!

Tina and Mike