Hi Liz

We had a wonderful time, which passed all too quickly and we are not enjoying cold wet Wellington after our short stay in paradise.
Today was a struggle, first day back at work! Dreaming of lying on white sandy beaches relaxing in the sun.

We flew out of Auckland on Tuesday morning looking forward to sun, sea and relaxation.
Landing in Apia to find my suitcase had a mind of its own and didn't accompany us on the flight. There was the obvious delay in waiting for all the baggage to be claimed and the paper work so we missed the transfer. We eventually got through customs and into Samoa - the Samoa Scenic people were great, they managed to arrange a lift to the ferry, which we just caught as it was leaving. The suitcase turned up the next day and picked it up when we transferred to Sinalei.

Siufaga Beach Resort - The three nights wasn't long enough to enjoy it all.
Have attached a couple of photo's to prove the brochures don't lie.
Gardens were wonderful, pool was great and the resort has a really relaxing atmosphere.
We found the restaurant very good and the menu was varied and reasonably priced.
They run activities at a small fee, all very interesting, all about coconuts and coconut milk producing, village walk-about and how the locals live.
Staff was wonderful and would go out of their way to help you.
We did a tour - South of the Island - Blowholes etc. Very Good. Warren the tour guide was a very interesting character.
We were a bit disappointed with the accommodation, we had the standard bungalow (the only one) and we would recommend people upgrade to the next level. No air-conditioning but had a fan. That withstanding it didn't detract from the holiday.
We loved every minute including the bus ride to town - a must do experience if your backside can stand it?
We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the resort and would go again. We have to tour the North of the island yet!

Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa - Fantastic place.
You wouldn't believe it was damaged by the tsunami.
Food was great, accommodation lovely - having a shower in the rain was a novel experience.
Gardens were good, pool was cool but very refreshing, in that climate just what you need.
Beach was good, the water great, you could stay in a long time.
Snorkelling trip was really good (coral gardens).
Once again, staff were great.
Golf course was an experience; don't think they'll be holding the Samoan Open there any time soon?
Sharon was my handicap and it was too hot to do the full nine holes?
They supplied insect repellent wipes as mosquitoes could be a problem if you don't use anything.
There were no problems in the rooms though, air-conditioning, fans and insect screens on the windows.
We did an East coast tour; it was sobering to see what damage the tsunami did.

We had a great time, both resorts were wonderful and we wouldn't hesitate to do it again or recommend it to others.

Thank you very much for your efforts in making our holiday a wonderful experience.
Sharon & Gordon