Bonjour Emily, 

Thank you for the opportunity to say how great our holiday was.  Everything was just perfect. The flight seats were very good, we were greeted at the airport on arrival, and the bus took us to the resort.

The resort was excellent.  The location could have not been better and the view from the apartment was stunning- endless blue sky and sea and little islands scattered around…..a Pacific island picture perfect.
Both of us enjoyed our stay at Chateau Royal Beach Resort & Spa and we would like one day to go back with our family and especially our granddaughter.  It is a great place not just for adults but for children of any age as well.   The swimming pool and the garden are great and located literally on the beach.  The beach and the swimming pool are very safe and enjoyable. 

Thank you:

  • for choosing this wonderful place for us
  • for booking the last floor with a lovely view over the ocean and the garden
  • for organising free breakfast each morning (which was great)
  • for organising a free visit to the resort’s aquatic centre ( very relaxing and enjoyable experience)
  • for organising the flights and the transport to and from the resort. 

We would like to keep your business contact details and next year (hopefully) or any time in the future when we have a chance for another holiday we will most definitely consult with you. 

Mersi !!!
Kind regards, Eli