Hi Lesley,

We had a marvellous time (again) in Vanuatu and we'll go back again, prob not next year but the one after I think.

Eratap staff seemed genuinely delighted to see us again. There were hugs. They're really very sweet, and the resort is just lovely of course. Last time we were there it was 'no kids' time, this time it was 'kids' and, though we didn't have any with us, we could see those kids were being catered for brilliantly. They took them off to one of the islands and taught them survival skills (opening coconuts, making bows and arrows etc).

As you know we went to Tanna this time and it was a bit more of an adventure than Eratap 'cos the luxury dial was turned down a little.

White Grass is actually very nice, just not quite as nice as Eratap. Also we did more driving around which was fascinating, but also a bit more like hard work even though I wasn't driving, the roads aren't so great. Still the excursions were worth the bother.

We did the volcano, which was spectacular but also rather wet and windy on the day we went and we ended up standing in the rain for way too long. To be quite fair they offered us waterproofs but we thought what we had would be okay, should have taken theirs.

The guides everywhere we went were all good, informative and helpful. Even the 13 year old who took us to the waterfall and the beach.

The Kustom village was particularly interesting though I suspect I picked up an upset stomach there and that lead to a later problem at Eratap when I passed out when I got up in the night, crashed to the floor and bashed my face up a bit. But that also led to some interesting adventure. For the Eratap staff nothing was too much trouble. They organised getting me into town to the med centre were I got my cuts seen to and the dentist (broken tooth sorted) and thereafter they looked after me very well.

I couldn't snorkel after that but we went out to the little island expecting Tony, the boatman, to drop us off while Shayne snorkelled and I sat on the beach. But Tony had instructions from the office to wait with us. He didn't say but it was because they thought I might take poorly and need to come back sooner.

We managed to do the village tour this time (couldn't last year) and Robert, the one who guides that, seemed to be frequently checking if I was okay. I was, but it was good of him to check. So, yes, a brilliant time. Pity about the accident but I then I learned how well they can handle such situations so that's all good.