Hi Janne

We had an amazing time - visiting the 3 Islands. American Samoa was a wonderful start to our holiday.

Quite an experience flying there - smallish plane, rather large passengers but spectacular sights - even saw whales. So different to the other Samoa, money, cars, food,accents and no tourists. In fact it is not set up for tourists at all which I just loved - hard to even find souvenirs except from the airport.

Sadies by the Sea was very comfortable - big room, dressing room with fridge, coffee maker etc and then the bathroom, nice balcony with a glorious view, we were on the 2nd floor. It is being redecorated we believe. The outside and grounds are satisfactory - nothing startling but we were very pleased with it. Good cafe/restaurant and shop on site. Good location and the swimming and snorkelling was much better than we expected - variety of coral and fish just meters out.

The half day tour was great just us as mentioned there were very few tourists. Spectacular scenery and the people we met were so friendly and helpful. So very pleased we went there.

A hint - on the plane back to Apia they could not fit all the luggage on so conseently I had to return later in the day to pick up my bag - this apparently happens all the time!

Thanks for making this possible for us.

Julie Newth