Hi Amy,

We are back now! I wish we weren’t because it would’ve been good to stay at least another week! Everything went according to plan!

Our first night at the Manava was awesome, the staff were pretty friendly and we had a swim in their awesome infinity pool the next day. We had to check out at 11 and our transportation wasn’t until 3pm to the ferry terminal based on our transfer passes. This was a bit of a hassle as there is not much to do around the Manava and we didn’t want to sit in reception for 4 hours. We weren’t able to get a late checkout either. We didn’t want to wait that long so we caught a taxi to the ferry instead and hung around the town area until our ferry arrived. It cost around $30NZD to taxi from the Manava to the ferry terminal.

We caught the ferry over to the Hilton Moorea and what can I say about that place apart from the fact that it would be the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life. The staff were friendly and I think one should invest in learning some French or Tahitian before they go to the island. It tends to go down better with the locals and the staff. The breakfast buffet was amazing and a good tip would be to go to breakfast as late as you can around 10am and eat as much as you can before venturing out (as the breakfast was included in our package).

The food on the island no matter where you go is more expensive than normal i.e. $35-$40 NZD for a cheeseburger and fries. If you do stay at the Hilton there is a good little food truck 300metres from the resort who does food cheaper than what you pay at the resort. It is called “Lilikoi Café” and you can find her page on Facebook. The Toatea Crepe place at the Hilton is AMAZING and if there are 2 of you I suggest ordering 1 savoury crepe to share and 1 sweet crepe to share. The Chocolate Pear and Almond Crepe was probably the most delicious thing we had on the island.

The weather everyday was very sunny even though we travelled at the beginning of the wet season (November). The weather forecast leading up to our holiday suggested that it was going to be stormy, rainy all week but that wasn’t the case. Even looking at the weather websites while we there suggested stormy rainy weather but again, it was sunny everday.

Trip Advisor is also worth looking at to see what is around Tahiti. Also, take note of the vouchers that are provided to you by the staff because we ended up paying full price for everything not realising we had vouchers for most of the stuff.

Overall, amazing holiday and we want to go back again.

Thanks to you and the team Amy for making this holiday a seamless experience. We will definitely be booking through Our Pacific again.

Thanks again