MAY 2014

Hi Carissa

Thank you so much for all your help!

The Rarotongan Beach Resort and Spa was beautiful! Perfect for what we were after and the staff were so welcoming and helpful - Would definitely recommend. Also, The Dive Centre was approx 200m and Scooter/Car Hire approx 100m down the road which was handy.

The Dive Centre use the lagoon that The Rarotongan is located on to scuba dive and that experience was awesome. We saw some beautiful coral, bright coloured fish, an eel, octopus and a puffer fish.

Aitutaki Day Tour was another highlight. The Vaka Cruise was great! The tour guide was very funny and the staff on board were again very welcoming and a lot of fun. We sailed to 3 outer Islands of Aitutaki and it is Paradise. The water and the underwater life is vibrant with colour. As we hit a storm on the way back to Rarotonga, it made for an interesting flight and a lot of spilt coffee!

The Te Vara Nui Village Tour, Dinner and Over-Water Night Show was really nice. I did think the tour would be a more hands on (making head pieces etc) however was more of a glimpse into the history of the Island, fishing, natural medicines, cultural/traditional clothing and learning about the "tree of life" (coconut tree). We really enjoyed the Dinner and the show. A very fun night!

All in all, a great trip! We even had time to find the squash club and have a hit on a couple of days with the locals. We met up with some of the players and others from the Aitutaki Day Tour for a few drinks before our flight home. We thoroughly enjoyed our time!

Kind Regards