MAY 2012

Hi Ahna

I would just like to thank Briar and the Our Pacific Staff for booking us yet a fantastic holiday in Rarotonga last week.
Briar understood that we did not want a Resort (we’ve had enough) and booked us at Lagoon Breeze Villas which was absolutely delightful. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

The villas are being extensively renovated and the gardens (which are already beautiful) being upgraded as well. The pool is in a lovely setting and the villas superbly located just across the road from the beach where there is great snorkeling. The tropical breakfasts are served in a delightful outside room, where Happy Hour is also held. It was pleasant to be able to chat with other guests over breakfast and/or a cocktail but without it being at all “in your face”. Just perfect.

The staff, in particular Vicki the Manager, and Tehui the Breakfast/Happy Hour Manager, were just wonderful. They both kissed us goodbye when we left. Where do you ever get that sort of treatment?

We will definitely want to go back.

Kind Regards
Gail Godfrey