MAY 2011

Hi Liz

The villas were great.  The 1bedroom was big enough for us all as the bedroom was huge.  The 2 bedroom would not have worked, as it was a one bedroom + the room next door (too far away if you have young kids).  The washing machine/drier was great, as was the kitchenette.  Garden views was good as it was quiet – poolside was noisy for kids that need to nap during the day, but would be worth it if you had older kids.  Unfortunately first the kids, then us got sick, and room service was great at coming in (4 at a time) and doing a 10 min clean and full change of bedding several times a day on call.  Also they told me to leave dirty nappies in bag outside door, and everytime they went past they took.  The babysitting service was great, and very good pricing ($20 for 3 hrs then $6 per hour after), and did not mind sick kids.  As it was expensive to eat at hotel, we bought at shop and ate in room for snax and breakfast – lucky I had been told this and had packed lots of snax!  Cleanliness was pretty average.  Bula hour (half price drinks) was great!

We love the Fiji people and their friendliness & service!

I was shocked at how expensive everything was in Fji at tourist places.  We soon learnt that only $5 for taxi to the port, vs 7$ per adult for bula bus.  Only $12 for taxi to Nadi, and only $150 for van and driver for 6 hours for personal tour, vs $150 each on organised tour.  WE ate a lot down at the port.  Unfortunately the only day we had free (being tied up with sick kids and wedding stuff) a cruise ship had pre-booked everything so could not get around the islands, so I would recommend pre-booking to others to make sure they are not disappointed like this too.  Interesting talking to the driver of the van – apparently the Fijians are getting sick of the exp tourist prices as it is putting people off spending (we are more likely to go back to Sunshine coast than Fiji again because of this), and the people don’t really see the benefits of these prices.  “make it reasonable for the tourist, and they will come again and keep buying….” He said.

My sister’s wedding at the Sheraton – the make up and hair at the Westin Spa was fantastic (as it should be being the most expensive but it was worth it), my mother went to another, and she did not like it.  The Westin even came to my sister’s room later in the day to touch up, as a tropical storm hit suddenly and made it run a bit.  Unfortunately the Sheraton did not manage the storm’s impact on my sister’s wedding that well – it nearly did not go ahead.  Ceremony changed from the beach to the Westin lobby – we had to demand a room for my sister to get changed in (her dress etc. would have got ruined if she had to go in the cart they suggested originally).  The Flying Fish restaurant where it was meant to be got flooded out, and they just stood and shrugged their shoulders.  WE (the guests) had to take charge and work out a solution and even set up the tables etc. ourselves in an alcove in the lobby.  So it happened 2 +hrs later than planned.  She is in dispute now with them on the bill.  The Wedding planner at the Sheraton was fantastic though, just let down by the staff particularly at the Flying fish.

I bet that was more feedback than you were expecting!

Thanks for your help,