MAY 2011

Hi Liz

As promised, a bit of feedback on the trip to Vanautau

IT WAS GREAT.....Flights / Resort / Food / Location...all very good, and the staff and people generally very helpful.... with one little moan....toilet seat in our bure was only fastened on one side... took 4 days to get it fixed.

We must have been enjoying it, because on one trip to a cultural village the bus driver asked if we were on our honeymoon!!  Not bad for a 40 + years married couple.

One factor was probably that my company does work in Fiji, Tonga, Rarotonga, and my visits there, although enjoyable, always have some work element..... Vanuatu was deliberately Work - Free.

Thanks heaps for the efficient way in which you handled all of these went like a breeze!!

Will be in touch for next time.
Kind regards,