MARCH 2015

Kia Orana Lesley

OH YES – we had a really lovely time in Rarotonga.  I can’t imagine ever going back to Fiji, the Rarotongan people are just so happy and friendly and welcoming.

As for the Sunset Resort: We had a wonderful stay there.  The air conditioning was faulty in the first room we were in, so after a couple of attempts to sleep, we were moved to another room with brand new air conditioning.  This was fantastic. The Manager bought us a fan until he was able to accommodate us to the new room.  The weather was beautiful the whole time so we were able to soak up the sun and the pools, and the gardens are just so well maintained and manicured.  The sea was a bit rough due to a backlash from the cyclone we think, but we still spent many hours looking out to sea and just generally relaxing, especially with a cocktail to quench our thirst.

We did venture out to compare other resorts for a return next year, but we could not find anything that was as good as Sunset.

We would highly recommend a stay there and we intend to take our family and friends with us next time.

Best restaurants were Kikau Hut (Seafood Platter) and Albertos (Swordfish and salad bar) which amazingly are both right next door to Sunset Resort.  The Castaway was great for a late evening cognac to live music plus we shared a small Cuban cigar there.

I will be in touch again to book the next holiday.

Kind Regards