August 2022 - Hilton Fiji Beach Resort & Spa

Bula Hanisha,

Thanks, we had a lovely week away.
You would hardly know there was Covid when in Fiji as everywhere is very relaxed and no masks were worn except at the airport. It was very refreshing although we did choose to wear them on public transport. 

We had trouble booking the RAT test online before going but it really is no issue as we just turned up at the hotel testing site and filled in the forms and did it on the spot. Plus its cheaper than booking online!
The price of everything has gone up considerably but still not a bad deal given the exchange rate.
The weather was great and the people were so happy to have travellers back in Fiji. Everyone kept saying thank you for returning.
We went to Malamala beach club one day travelling by boat and it was amazing, highly recommend it.

We will definitely keep in touch for our next holiday.

Kind Regards