JUNE 2018

Hi Hanisha, 

I just got back after 11 days in sunny warm Fiji, it was 30C every day and 27C in the water. We did 2 days at Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa, 6 nights on Tokoriki Island Resort & Spa and 3 nights on a Blue Lagoon Cruise. This is my first trip to Fiji  in over 18 years so it was really interesting to notice the difference. 

  • The level of service across the board from restaurant, accommodation and transport operators was a 10 out of 10. It was authentically friendly,100% on time there was no more Fiji Time and it is very personal which everyone remembers your name all of the time.
  • The Fiji Welcome for e.g. on Tokoriki Island, was a welcome home with a warm singing send off and invitation to return again.
  • The food, wow what a difference. High end, lots of variety and good value for money.
  • The experiences were very diverse and again authentically Fijian e.g. a village visit to meet the local chief and school.
  • So close under 3 hours on the plane so just time for 1 movie and then you are arrive in paradise. Like many others we ask ourselves “why do we not come here more just for the weekend”.
  • Amazing underwater life for snorkelling.

Overall I have to say I was very impressed and cannot wait to return.