JUNE 2016

Hey Liz,

Thanks very much for your e-mail and for very well organising our fantastic holiday to Plantation Island Resort. We had one of the best family holidays we have ever been on and the kids had a great time!
I would really recommend Plantation Island as a destination for young families as the Fijian people are so warm and welcoming.

The food situation did work out well as we found the local supermarket had really tasty freshly baked bread at cheap prices, and we filled up nicely at the morning breakfasts. I think the only thing I would have done differently was that I would have probably not purchased the breakfast meal plan, as we had some days that we could have happily just had fresh bread from the supermarket to fill up on as a change from the usually breakfast buffet. The breakfast food was very nice but it lost the novelty a little as the week rolled on and the $41 Fijian which we could have purchased breakfast for was I think ?? the same price as the $30NZ that we paid per day as part of purchasing the meal plan.

This would have allowed us more flexibility in eating choices but other than this little thing I can’t fault the holiday, as everything went smoothly and all the family had a fantastic time. We really appreciate all you great work with the organisation and will certainly recommend our friends to get in contact with you if they are planning a holiday. Thanks very much for all you help and feel free to get in contact if I can provide you with any more information post holiday!

Thanks very much,