JUNE 2014

Hi Janne,

Steve and I had a brilliant time. In fact, Steve is already thinking about returning to Aitutaki next year. We absolutely loved Aitutaki. I guess it depends on the travellers expectation for their holiday , what they want, need etc. I was frazzled by the time we left for our break to the islands so all I wanted to do was chill out, read, swim and enjoy the beauty of Aitutaki. Whereas Steve , not one to sit idle longer than 5 minutes , was after catching the elusive bonefish , doing it on his own mind you without any guidance from the locals either. He caught 4 (and released them too) . The lagoon is a reserve and that is great to see that the Aitutaki people have the foresight now to protect their future investment. People from all over the world come to Aitutaki to catch the bone fish. Our accommodation at Ranginuis was absolutely fine for us. Depends again on your expectations I guess. Steve the owner was a mine of information and his son Quentin, took us out for a day on the lagoon in his boat. This was the best day of all. The lagoon and all it's sea life, birds, fish, giant clams, beautiful islands, epitomised what people dream about when they think of paradise. We will be back for sure.

It was great to get back to Rarotonga. We hadn't been their for 2 years and on our previous visit we had stayed at Moana Sands.This was the reason we returned to The Sands again. We loved the location and right outside your front door is great snorkelling. If you are enthusiastic snorkellers like us then you Couldn't ask for better. We liked the fact that The Sands isn't a huge hotel. It is quiet and personalised. When we first arrived the staff greeted us very warmly, welcoming us back and acknowledging the fact that we had been their previously. James the assistant at the Hotel was great too and always going out of his way to assist. Our rooms were serviced daily by very cheerful , friendly ladies who always made a great job of tidying up your room. We took food with us (all the rooms have a kitchenette, microwave etc. No oven) which was brilliant for those evenings when we had had a busy day, had a few drinks and didn't feel like going out for dinner. All the rooms had balconies looking out to the sea. Great views! No pool but as the hotel was right on the beach, the sea was our great big swimming pool! We will definitely be back to The Sands.

Deb and Steve