JULY 2019

Hi Hanisha,

Thankyou and apart from the flight delays from Huahine to Bora bora and there to Papeete (had to stay on board the plane at Bora bora) the travel plans were excellent and there were no problems. The service that you personally provided was excellent, highest quality, you are very professional, very diligent, conscientious, thoughtful, pay attention to detail, excellent communicator and I would have no hesitation in seeking your expertise for future travel plans. Thankyou. 

With regard to Manava Suite Resort the staff there are very helpful. At Maitai Lapita Hotel the accommodation was excellent, the reception staff pretty good, not as competent and efficient as Manava Suite Resort, but it is small place.   

Thankyou again Hanisha, it is a pleasure dealing with you. 

Kind regards