JULY 2018

Hi Hanisha,

Yes we had a lovely time!

All arrangements went perfectly. The “Island Time” that we are used to in the other pacific islands doesn’t seem to apply in Tahiti. With the exception of the local bus which we used on one occasion and the ferry for the return trip to Moorea, everything turned up right on time and operated really efficiently.

We loved the Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort. Peaceful and the beach was amazing. The clearest water I have ever seen and to be able to stand in the water only metres from the beach and be surrounded by beautiful tropical fish was incredible. We didn’t need to snorkel: we could see them perfectly from above the water. They provided free water, beer, juice, sprite and coke in our mini bar and this was replenished each day for no charge, which was really great. We had a problem with our door lock one day and they were extremely efficient at repairing it.  Great service!

We spent one day over at the Intercontinental Moorea Resort & Spa to kayak and swim with the stingrays and black tipped sharks. That was an amazing experience which was definitely a highlight. The Intercontinental Moorea Resort & Spa was lovely but busy and noisy as there were a lot of boats and jet skis around. I think that would be a great resort for people with children who wished to have lots of activities to do.  However, we found it a relief to return to the peacefulness of the Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort.

My only negative about the Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort is that, because of it’s position, it gets the sun early in the day and loses it at about 4pm. This wasn’t an issue for us as we are early risers and were happy to hit the beach at 7.30am, so were happy to head back to our room at 4pm to sit on our lovely deck with a beer. However, if you are a person who likes to sleep in and then stay on the beach until the evening, then the other resorts would be better.

The Manava Suite Resort in Tahiti has a building site so the pool was not particularly pleasant while we were there as there was a lot of noise and there was no pool towel or drinks service happening. However, once the renovations are completed it should be fantastic. 

Kind regards,