JULY 2014

Ia Orana- Bonjour!

I don't even know where to begin! We had a phenomenal time!! From the very beginning, it was faultless. The transfers etc were timed perfectly, everything was so well run- we weren't kept waiting even for a minute, the people were amazingly friendly, the Intercontinental was professional yet cosy and accommodating.

We simply loved Moorea and can't wait to go back one day. We think we were really lucky to be at the Intercontinental as its position on the island under the mountain etc was so exotic, the water was crystal clear, the pools were large and everything was so clean! Also being close to shops and other amenities if needed was very handy. Next time we would look at hiring a car for some of it, just so we could go and get what we needed from local shops etc.
We found the prices weren't as frightening as we were expecting, yes some things were more expensive, but I'm quite certain we'd pay close to that at lovely bars in NZ. We did the seafood buffet and show one night, which Im glad we chose to do it in Moorea as we caught the end of the Tahiti one and the Moorean one seemed so much more quaint and real (and much cheaper than Intercon Tahiti if anyone asks), but that's kind of what we felt too- if we were only in Tahiti we would have loved it as we wouldn't have known anything else, but the extra relaxing, paradise, 'less-commercial' type holiday was on Moorea.We also did the 4x4 tour for a few hours which was great to get our bearings (and again show us how lucky we were to be where we were). Other than a bit of paddleboarding we simply did nothing but swim, eat and drink- our idea of a perfect honeymoon!

Thank you so much for your knowledge, advice and expertise. We will certainly use you as our agent again! In fact we got home last night then sat up in bed researching the new holiday! Next year though- a bit of saving to do first. Feel free to print any comments, or send through a feedback form or whatever if you want me to fill in a recommendation formally.

We will be in touch!

Kind regards,
Philippa Withey