August 2023 - Savaii Lagoon Resort, Samoa

Kia ora and Talofa Nirmala,

All the arrangements you made for us we perfect and no issues at all with those.

However we did experience some problems with the dining experience at Savaii Lagoon Resort.

Whilst the food was very good (once it arrived) they were terrible at coordinating the service for our group of 5 people, eg one night a couple of mains served at 6:15 another one about 7:00 and final two about 8:00.  The first two to be served had left the restaurant by then.

Although that was the longest delays similar disjointed service of meals occured each night.  We discussed this issue with Grant and Robyn, the owners who said they would talk to the kitchen staff but this didn't resolve matters. Although we are fine with a relaxed dining experience we found not being able to enjoy our meals together as a group was annoying.

Another issue with breakfast was the tables were not set for five despite our group of five dining at the same table every morning. We noticed a dirty disposable nappy on the rocks by the ramp access to the beach which stayed there for the whole time.

The Savaii Lagoon Resort is a beatiful location and the fish and corals were in excellent condition.  We enjoyed our snorkelling twice a day very much.

Re the Sheraton, no problems at all, service very good and would recommend.

Despite the dining/service delay issues per above we really enjoyed our holiday and thank you again for all you efforts to make it happen.

Bruce and Fiona.