Hi Emily,

Thank you for all your hard work and sorting this family trip. We loved it and took over 400 photos. We swam and snorkelled everyday, the weather temperature was just perfect, not too hot. We hired a car for the day and zoomed around the island. We saw whales everyday in both islands everyday in Atituaki, and were so pleased we went to One Foot Island. It's beautiful and the scenery is truly postcard material, strongly recommend if you go to raro to go to Atitukai and One Foot Island. 

Both accommodations were great, the Pacific Resort Rarotonga was great and handy for location etc. The Atituaki Beach Villas, Vae the Manager was the most sweetest and could not do enough for us. His boys demonstrated how to get coconuts and open them, explaining there are 4 different types. Everyday he'll  check on us to see if he could help book us in for anything and or if we needed anything at the shop.

The island is small and you can get by by a car around the whole island, I would say in 15 mins but in person by walking and in the heat a lot longer. There are a couple of hilly roads in land and if people wanted to explore true island style, otherwise the main road around island is all flat. The Aitutaki Beach Villas is right on the beach front, it is magnificent and in the distance you could see whales squirting the water. It's fantastic to see at both places, that still lots of fish around plus huge big clam shells that the marine reserves are growing and  also replacing the sea life.

We were amazed of how much busier it was than 13 years ago with more tourists, heaps of scooters and nearly each time you had to cross the rod in raro, you had to wait at least a minute or two. There were a lot of French, Italians whiich were more than Australians and New Zealanders.  

We feel so lucky to have had this trip and things went perfectly and that is mostly down to you so thank you!

Kind regards,