Hi Hanisha, 

We LOVE Rarotonga, the location and weather was perfect, just what the Dr ordered! 

I do have some feedback regarding the Rarotonga Resort. It's a gorgeous location and they have some of the best snorkelling on the island is right at their front door, however, the resort is very much run down. The rooms were OK-ish but they are very very tired and in need of some serious TLC. The servicing of the rooms is spasmodic at best (not daily) and when it did happen it was half hearted (perhaps 1 flannel and a towel, bathroom not done - bed WAS always made though :)  

Cpt Andy's food is delicious, however, getting it (or drinks at the bar) isn't that easy. Mostly due to the service staff, they seem unwilling to make eye contact and would disappear for 10-15 minutes at a time. We are fine with "island time" but waiting an hour for your food and drinks only to find out no-one has even started them is just not funny, and that happened on multiple occasions and noticed there were many in the same boat as us. Naturally this resulted in the guests getting grumpy etc so that side of things I'd give a 1 out of 10. 

Overall, we still have a great holiday but definitely soured by the service from the resort. We will probably go again, but go to another resort (perhaps one without kids!!). Such a shame as the location and ambience of the resort has so much potential :) 

Kind regards