Hi Emily,

Sorry it took me so long, but I finally did it: Feedback below:

Amoa Resort: Absolutely beautiful, peaceful, friendly staff, beautiful meals. Given the small size of the resort we had the chance to get to know the people a little. Conversations could extend into topics like what is it like to grow up on Savaii and people were happy to share stories about their family and family life. Given the small number of "rooms" and the extensive grounds you never had the feeling to be crowded. Expansive areas around the pool always allowed a lot of personal space. Elisabeth and her team were full of friendly helpful tips delivered with a good dose of humour. An added bonus was the visit and explanation of one of their friends, a geologist who has been living on Savaii for many years and who could talk one morning about the volcanic origins of the islands and what it meant for the landscape, what people can do with their land, and for the water supply. This probably would not have been of interest to all people, but for us it was fascinating.

Saletoga Sands Resort: Great villa right on the reef, solid resort, busy this time of the year. Significantly larger than Amoa; great spot to go to with kids, who definitely dominated the pool, so we did not even try it. Having a villa right on the beach was somewhat special. I don't think I would go there unless I could have one of their 6 (?) beachfront accommodations - the other villas did not   have the feeling of spaciousness. Good restaurant, easy access to one of their many rental cars, which is great given the relative remoteness of the resort.

Taumeasina Island Resort: large newly opened resort with multi story accommodation. This resort had only been opened 2 weeks before our arrival and lots of work was still being done. The rooms did have a nice ocean view and a small balcony type sitting area and were not very big. Great variety of water sports equipment, including kayaks, snorkelling gear, and a couple of hobie cats, which the activity staff had great fun taking out onto the reef with visitors who were keen enough to have a bit of wet fun on the water - which we certainly did more than once. The staff was friendly and professional, but have still some experience to gain.