August 2010

Hello Liz

We have had a wonderful holiday, everything went smoothly and it was all very relaxing.

Coconuts was a warm welcome to Samoa. The staff were very friendly and everything was to our satisfaction. Our fale was wonderful with two beautiful bathrooms situated in one very large room. The shower was like a waterfall coming out of rocks. There was a lovely, very private, patio area, views of the sea from the room and an authentic Samoan feel. As well as a fan there was also air conditioning. The food at the resort was great, having the choice of a picnic on the beach was nice. We enjoyed kayaking, snorkelling and fishing, all very safe. John was able to catch a ride with one of the staff into Apia one day and a bus back. Although there was construction going on, it was not at all intrusive. They are working on the beach fales at the moment which look fantastic and well built, only 3 to go. We full recommend Coconuts.

All in all we successfully transferred to Savaii. As we were not sure if Le Lagoto had our tickets or we had to buy them we brought them when we arrived at the wharf! John phoned Le Lagoto and they told us that someone was coming on the ferry to meet us and would travel with us which was good. They reimbursed the tickets.

We were disappointed in our beach apartment. Having been there before on a day trip we had assumed we were staying the Fales, whish are small but very very nice. The apartment is downstairs from the beauty Spa, at the other end of the beach and not orientated towards the sea. The whole layout of it is wrong and the furniture odd, not at all your usual resort furniture. I felt like I was in some ones personal house! We all slept in one room as the kids were too sacred to sleep in their room! The bathroom was horrible, leaked water into the other rooms and no where to place your soap! We got over it and the garden around it is very nice. The apartment would be good for an older family.

The setting of Le Lagoto is perfect and would still be my choice of places to stay. Savaii is the island to go to. The snorkelling was the best, we even saw a turtle. We only ate at Le Lagoto once as next door at Savaii Lagoon Resort the manager of the resort is a superb cook and such charm. He only cooks for 20 people so you have to book by 3pm, plus he only does fish. We would stay there, as long as Chris and Patricia were still the managers, they come from Munich. Next door to them is an Austrian who makes fabulous thin based pizzas. The kids loved the pool at Le Lagoto and that is all Le Lagoto has over Savaii Lagoon for us.

When we caught the ferry back we had some time to kill so we had lunch and a swim at Aggie Greys Lagoon Resort which was like a hustling bustling city. We would not stay there! But it was very handy to the airport, lots of people were doing the same as us and it was fine.

Do tell people to take their own snorkelling gear. We did and people were very envious.
Thanks Liz we had a fabulous holiday with lots of hidden treasure for us to discover.