APRIL 2016

Hello Liz, 

Thank you for the email. We had such a fabulous time in Niue. It was a busy but relaxing holiday. I found a “happy place". We would go for a snorkel/swim or dive and afterwards when drying off, I would sit on the wharf at Avatele and watch the water. I did not want to move. Martin would say “Are you ready to go?” My reply was “No, I’ll sit here a bit longer.” Also did regular visits to Alofi wharf to do the same. 

The Commodore’s Tour was excellent. It really helped in getting to know the Island. They are a complete package and really know their stuff. Scenic Matavai Resort was a real delight. The staff are so friendly and always ready to help and entertain. Food was good there and at the restaurants we visited. We visited all the sites around the island and especially loved the Matapa Chasm and Washaway at Avatele.

We dived with Buccaneer Adventure Diving Niue. They were superb. As a diver of 20 y + experience they were safe and knowledgeable. Martin and I had not dived for a couple of years so they put us through a check out dive before open water trip. The young guy who took us out, Tom, was from our old neck of the woods in Derbyshire UK.  The coral was pristine and it was our first experience with sea snakes. Fascinating creatures and very photogenic! My underwater camera was never busier. A great place for underwater wildlife photography.   

Everybody was friendly and helpful. They were interested why we chose Niue and were always ready with local knowledge of places to visit. What folk need to realise is that it is a remote island and to just go with the flow – if a place can’t serve fish because they had storms and can’t get out, so be it. There’s always something else on the menu. The monthly freighter was due in whilst we were there, but didn’t arrive because of the weather the week before. The poor Islanders were waiting for supplies. We just take it for granted in NZ. 

Would we go to Niue again?– too right. We would recommend Our Pacific as well. A real pleasure and so easy to get it sorted out. 

Best regards and thanks again 

Maggie and Martin.
Holders of Niuean Driver’s Licences