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What an amazing part of the world are the “Islands of The Pacific Ocean”.   Just when you think you’ve known it all from Melanesia to Micronesia and Polynesia and everything between, you come across yet another (barely) accessible gem way out in the eastern reaches of the South Pacific Ocean – Pitcairn Island, half way between New Zealand and Chile, and we can organise your visit there!

This tiny speck of an island, the permanent home to around 50 people is located between Mangareva (Gambia Islands) French Polynesia and Easter Island.  Getting to and from the island is, in itself, a terrific part of the whole adventure of a visit to Pitcairn and here’s how it’s done: You fly from Auckland to Papeete, then after a stopover of a night or two in Papeete you travel on to Mangareva in the East Tuamotu Islands of French Polynesia on Air Tahiti’s Tuesday ATR flight which connects with the Pitcairn supply ship MV Claymore II for a 2 night crossing to Pitcairn Island. While the ship works cargo visitors stay ashore enjoying the Pitcairn community, then after 3 nights on Pitcairn, you repeat the same itinerary in reverse back to Auckland.

Of course there are options!  First, there is a choice of how long you stay in Tahiti (or travel to any of the other islands of French Polynesia – Moorea, Bora Bora, etc) before and after the flight to Mangareva, secondly there is an opportunity to stay in Mangareva before and after the ship journey between Mangareva and Pitcairn and thirdly, there is a limited opportunity (once every 3 months) to stay on Pitcairn for 10 nights rather than 3 nights.  The shipping schedule also allows for a 3 month stay on Pitcairn. The MV Claymore II is a sturdy little cargo ship which carries only 12 passengers in six 2 berth cabins and as the outside world catches on to the opportunity she provides to visit this amazing Pacific Island, it is becoming more and more difficult to secure cabin space on the ship.  We urge you to plan up to 2 years in advance and have us book the sailing for you as most sailings in 2017 are already fully booked.

2018 Claymore II Shipping Schedule ex Mangareva
Depart Mangareva       
15 May,  22 May,  29 May
Arrive Pitcairn             
 17 May,  24 May,  31 May
Depart Pitcairn
20 May,   27 May,  03 Jun
Arrive Mangareva
22 May,   29 May,  05 Jun

Depart Mangareva      
14 Aug,  21 Aug,  28 Aug
Arrive Pitcairn             
16 Aug,  23 Aug,  30 Aug          
Depart Pitcairn
19 Aug,  26 Aug,  02 Sep
Arrive Mangareva
21 Aug,  28 Aug,  04 Sep

Depart Mangareva       13 Nov,  20 Nov,  27 Nov
Arrive Pitcairn              
15 Nov,  22 Nov,  29 Nov           
Depart Pitcairn 
18 Nov,  25 Nov,  02 Dec
Arrive Mangareva
20 Nov,  27 Nov,  04 Dec

The attractions of Pitcairn Island are many and varied.  As you can imagine, for such a small community, “community” is paramount on Pitcairn; People helping people, people living as one with their environment and being very welcoming of visitors who share the love of this spectacular little sub-tropical island.  

Whether you stay 3 nights, 10 nights or longer, there are fitting accommodation options for visitors to Pitcairn which includes private houses, private rental units and home stays with a local family, many with wide sea views out from their locations on the side of the hill overlooking Bounty Bay.

There are around 10 kms of clay roads on Pitcairn and the most common mode of transport is quad bikes and walking.  The seas around the island and its 3 small neighbouring islands are excellent for fishing and it is possible, on a calm day to snorkel over the wreck of the “Bounty” which brought the Bounty mutineers and their French Polynesian partners and friends to Pitcairn, or swim with the turtles in Bounty Bay.  The night sky is alive with stars.  There are many wild nature trails to explore and beautiful places to enjoy.

The Island community facilities include a Store, Library, Health Centre, 1 teacher School and a Christian Church.  On Pitcairn Island, all occasions are celebrated by everyone, even a child’s birthday is an occasion for a public get-together.  If your visit coincides with a large Cruise Ship visit you will really enjoy the sense of occasion this brings to the island.

Food is fresh and plentiful as the surrounding waters team with fish and the majority of islanders grow fresh vegetables in their home gardens.

As they say on Pitcairn “Life is what you make it!”  There’s time to enjoy a game of cards, visit with friends, have a game of tennis, watch the night sky and enjoy the simple way of life most of the world has left behind.  Modern connectivity has not totally passed the island by though – good internet reception is available!

Pitcairn Island is not a cheap place to get to, but for those who enjoy the idea of a break in a place which has taken the best of the past and the present and moulded a way of life around principles of sharing and caring for their neighbours and their environment, it is well worth making the effort to get here – you’ll be one of a very few who have experienced this unique place and there’s plenty of fun to have along the way too.

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