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Norfolk Island is around 2.5 hours flight time from Auckland, so it is our closest International neighbour.  Norfolk Island is rich in British and Australian colonial history. It was discovered by Captain James Cook, who found there were no native inhabitants, was later used as a penal colony by the British and later still settled by Pitcairn Island descendants of the “Bounty” mutiny.  Today, the island is populated by descendants of the Pitcairn settlers, Australians and New Zealanders in roughly equal numbers.  The whole island is only 8 km long by 5 km wide and a third of the area is designated National Park.

This quote from a recent visitor sums up our thoughts on Norfolk Island.

 "It’s a strangely addictive place, this Norfolk Island.  It is a totally non-threatening, wonderfully safe and a very interesting and enjoyable place to visit.  We were there at an excellent time of year as the weather was perfect, with warm clear days and cooler nights.  It is somewhat old-fashioned and quaint in many ways, but there is a nice sophistication creeping into the restaurant, events, soft adventure and the accommodation scene too.  There’s even a fledgling winery.  The air is clear and clean and the crisp night sky is absolutely alive with millions of stars.  Norfolk Island has pleasant little idiosyncrasies such as, when driving, having to give way to wandering cows and geese.  It is not usual for locals to lock their houses when they go out, car keys are usually left in the ignition and drivers still wave or raise a finger in friendly salute to everyone encountered on the road."

We have a wide range of accommodation options from deluxe stand-alone houses/cottages and the top resort on the island, to good quality self-catering motel-style accommodation and everything between.  In addition, we have the widest range of modern and historic homes available on Norfolk Island. These are ideal for families, especially extended families.  The bigger holiday homes are ideal for groups of couples travelling together, especially two couples happy to share a house but not wanting to share bathrooms.  Norfolk Island is a perfect place for groups of friends and families to enjoy getting together for a week or two. We have checked out every accommodation venue we deal with and like everywhere else in the Pacific, there is a huge range, so contact Our Specialists for the best match for your requirements.

The café and restaurant scene on Norfolk Island is lively and ever changing.  In addition to the hotel-based restaurants there are several very pleasant places to eat out.  We won’t go into them all here but early on in the stay try the Golden Orb Café and Bookshop where there is good lunch and great coffee and where you can browse a wide selection of local interest books.  Reading a book about Norfolk Island while you are on Norfolk Island adds something special to your stay.  Another ‘must visit’ is the Two Chimneys Winery, Norfolk Island’s first and only winery. Drop in for a wine tasting and cellar door sales.

Over the years Norfolk Island has been known for its shopping.  Like everything else, the shopping experience has changed but it’s still a very welcome part of the Norfolk Island Experience.  Following is an abridged version of an article we came across – it pretty well sums up what we have found on recent visits to Norfolk island as regards shopping.

     “No Asian copy cat brands here – only the best quality in shoes, clothing, home wares, linen, knitwear, clocks, jewellery and I could go on and on….But shopping is also an enjoyable experience. No pushy shop keepers – just those that are happy to assist and pass the time of day with you on island time. There are major discounts on top brands like Reiker,  Zierra, Nike, Pandora, Royal Doulton, Tipperary Crystal, Victoriox Knives, Swiss clocks, Mohair, Armani Figurines, Pierre Cardin handbags …..

     From my study of shopping habits I would conclude shoes are a top seller. But the clothing from around the world is also a pleasant surprise. Ross’s stocks a line of clothing from Europe which gives a wonderful selection of office to that special outfit that you won’t have seen in NZ.

     Craigs knitwear ladies will help you choose from an array of tops from Italy, UK, USA  etc  that are a range of prices to suit every budget. Their warehouse located under the store will  definitely have your size and colour!

     Then  Maxs’ is the best place to choose cosmetics and perfumes from Clarins, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Lancome and Clinique.  All at duty free prices without the rush to catch that flight. Their display of linen is unique and you will leave with something different maybe even from South America.

     Reflections is a delightful store with products from Oxfam, Perfect Potion, The Good Oil and a tion of quilting, craft fabrics and haberdashery.

     As for the jewellery! The choice is endless and pearls, gold, stones, estate and great costume jewellery. You can even see a display of replicas from Tutankhamen’s tomb at Madisons!”

You will never be short of things to do on Norfolk Island.  If you are into historic places, they are here in abundance but our suggestion is to get outdoors!  The fishing here is fantastic and there are some lovely beaches.  The walks around the coast to/from the Captain Cook Memorial are easy going and very scenic.  There are all sorts of clubs from golf, to shooting and archery.  Take a 4WD trip in the National Park, take a boat trip out to Phillip Island and marvel at how nature is renewing itself now the feral animals have been eradicated.  The view back to Norfolk Island makes a great photo opportunity. Take a picnic to a cliff top at sunset.

Then, there's the recent granting of "Gold-Level Dark Town Sky" status to Norfolk Island, which means the island is now recognised by the Australian Dark Sky Register (ADSR) as a destination which provides great views of the night sky which are accessible to everyone.  Norfolk Island has little or no light pollution and boasts one of the darkest skies on Earth. 

Norfolk Island is delightfully different.  For a destination around 2.5 hours flying time from Auckland, it’s a great spot for those wanting to experience a gentler way of life while enjoying good food and wine, soft adventure activities and to enjoy the various special events that are held there throughout the year.  But best of all, it is a place to reconnect with your partner, your family and your friends.

At Our Pacific we know every corner of Norfolk Island.  We can organise you a great week or two on this remarkable Island.

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Australian Dollars (AUD)
Most major credit cards are accepted.

Electricity: 240V / 50Hz

Flying time: approx. 2.5 hours from Auckland, New Zealand.

Local Time: 11.5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

May to August has high levels of rain with the wettest month being June. During winter the average temperature is 18-19 degrees celcius and summer 23-25 degrees celcius.

Entry requirements:
* Valid passport for at least 6 months beyond the intended period of stay (NZ passport holders).
* A valid return or onward air ticket and sufficient funds.

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