Fiji provides an enormous variety of destinations, activities and experiences and we know we can give you the best possible fit for your vacationing needs.  It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for five star luxury in a big mainland resort with full international spa facilities or a family friendly resort with wonderful children’s programs or a secluded executive island retreat or a place with plenty of keep-fit and sporting activities, a place for an unforgettable wedding or honeymoon, or a world-class small ship cruise around really idyllic tropical islands, we can find all this and more for you in Fiji... Read more>

French Polynesia is a vast territory spread over an enormous area of the South Pacific and contains many of the most idyllic tropical islands to be found anywhere on Earth. All the French Polynesia islands are different and all are stunningly beautiful. We have a comprehensive range of resorts to offer throughout the islands and for something very, very special, we have small ship cruises, a cargo-passenger ship opportunity and even a yachting option, all of which deliver a marvellous, once-in-a-lifetime experience... Read more>

Hawaii shares a Polynesian history with many Pacific Island Countries and States, including New Zealand, that’s one of the many reasons Kiwi travellers have an affinity for Hawaii and its people. Hawaii offers a huge range of options for a wonderful vacation, from Oahu’s cosmopolitan Waikiki to the beautiful beaches and resorts on Maui, the volcanic activity and the rich heritage of Hawaii, (The Big Island) and the natural environment and seclusion of Kauai, Molokai and Lanai to mention a few... Read more>

You often hear terms like “Where the South Pacific meets the Cote d’Azure” and “Welcome to The Paris end of The South Pacific” and such like, but it’s not until you actually experience a holiday in New Caledonia that you realise that these terms really are an accurate way to describe this place, well, Noumea City in particular, and Noumea is the arrival point and the primary destination for most travellers... Read more>

Nowhere like us.

The first thing you do on Niue is unwind.  Relaxation is almost compulsory as there is no hurry, virtually no crime and the loudest noise you are likely to hear is the crashing of the waves on the reef or the singing in church on Sunday. The coastline is 64 km’s in length right around, so that gives you an indication of size – it’s not a huge island but neither is it a tiddler and it contains an amazing amount of interesting natural features... Read more>

From top-class secluded hideaways to family friendly resorts and locally-owned boutique properties and a surprising range of activities and restaurants. Cook Islands give you all of this in a background of perfect beaches, lagoons, tropical gardens, roadside flowering shrubs and trees and exceptionally hospitable people... Read more>

There is a strong cultural component that goes with a visit to Samoa and you experience that culture not only in the wonderful Samoan Fiafia with its feasting, slap-dancing and fire dance displays, but in everyday life everywhere in the country.  Like most Kiwis, we have something of a soft spot for Samoa with its rich Polynesian history and proud culture, its wonderful scenery and natural environment and its perfectly romantic rainforests, waterfalls, blowholes and beaches... Read more>

If you have never been to Vanuatu, we believe you should put it high on your priority list of places to visit.  If you have been before but not in the past 4 or 5 years, it’s time to think of a return trip.  Vanuatu has become a “must visit” South Pacific destination over recent times. The cosmopolitan harbour-side capital Port Vila, the ancient and modern Melanesian culture, the great variety of natural attractions and a wide range of good quality tourist facilities add up to a wonderful holiday destination to explore and enjoy only 3 hours flying time from Auckland... Read more>