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OUR thoughts on Archipels
Polynesian By-The-Cabin Charter Cruises

Archipels Dream Yacht Charters is a company with a history of successfully operating in Tahiti for 27 years.

All the islands of French Polynesia lend themselves to this wonderful form of cruising and the big, new Lagoon 620 sailing catamarans of Archipels Cruises provide a uniquely different and totally enjoyable cruising experience no matter whether you are experienced in ocean sailing or not. It is not at all unusual for a person with little or no blue-water yachting experience to be perhaps a little apprehensive about contemplating such a trip.  All we can say is that our experiences of a sailing trip around the French Polynesia Islands on a crewed yacht which included Raiatea, Tahaa, Huahine and Bora Bora is that the time spent out at sea between the islands is usually no more than 6 hours at a time (and usually shorter) and this sea time adds immeasurably to the whole experience.  The islands of French Polynesia are absolutely perfect for this style of cruising by catamaran.  The majority of the cruise is spent within the often massive deep-water sheltered island lagoons which offer unparalleled scenery, many great points of interest and superb swimming and snorkelling.  Irrespective of the amount of wind to set the sails on the catamaran, schedules can be maintained under power.

Lagoon 620 catamarans are big, stable boats with plenty of room for a maximum of 12 passengers and 2 crew to eat, sleep and play.  The “62” in the name refers to the length of the catamaran in feet – this translates to approximately 19 metres in length.  The boats are 10 metres wide and have around 130m2 of useable deck space which includes an outside covered cockpit (where alfresco breakfasts are served) and 2 nice big trampoline-style nets between the hulls out front which are such comfortable places to lie on and relax.  Inside the spacious lounge has ample space for all passengers to dine when the weather necessitates dining indoors as well as a fully-equipped kitchen where the crew rustle-up amazing meals.  The six ensuite cabins are down a level from the lounge. The cabins are air-conditioned while the electrical generator is operating. The cabins have flow-through ventilation via their porthole when the air-conditioning may be switched off late at night.

The cruise fare includes:
● Accommodation in private, air-conditioned double
    cabin with private bathroom
● Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
● Crew services (1 skipper and 1 hostess/cook)
● Consumables for the yacht (diesel, fuel and water)
● Insurance for the yacht and passengers
● Leisure equipment: A windsurfer board, snorkeling
    equipment & sea kayak
● 2 sets of linen, towels and beach towels per person
    per week
● Fishing gear
● TV, Library and Board Games

Shore excursions are generally not included.  However, passengers can pre-purchase the optional shore excursions at the time of booking.  Please note, we have included the list of optional shore excursions under “Options” on each cruise itinerary below.

The 11 day cruise one way between Raiatea and Tahiti (and vice versa) is simply superb, but if you have less time to spare, don’t overlook the option of one of shorter cruise options like the 7 night round-trip cruise from Raiatea to Bora Bora, Tahaa and Huahine or the 5 night round-trip cruise on the wonderful Rangiroa Lagoon. 

No matter which option you take, do try to include at least one Archipels cruise which sails into Bora Bora – there’s nothing quite like the experience, anywhere else on Earth, of being under sail as you enter the magical Bora Bora Lagoon.

Your Cruise Options:
We offer the whole range of cruise options available:
Bullet 6 days/5 night cruise:
 - A cruise of 5 nights on the Rangiroa Lagoon
Bullet 8 day/7 night cruise:
 - A round trip from Raiatea to Bora Bora, Tahaa, Huahine
     and back to Raiatea.
Bullet 11 day/10 night cruises: 
 - One way cruises between Papeete, Tahiti and Raiatea  
visiting Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Bora Bora and Tahaa  
These 11 Day Cruises operate in both directions starting in
   and ending in Tahiti, or starting in Tahiti and ending in

     Sample Itinerary
Please note:  These cruises depart every 5 days, so departure days vary
Rangiroa Dream Cruises operate year-round.
Day 1 - Tuesday
Welcome and boarding at noon, Tiputa public pier Rangiroa. Enjoy lunch while navigating the 15 nautical miles to Mahanahana where you enjoy water-based activities: bathing, beachcombing, swimming and snorkelling in the largest lagoon in French Polynesia, kayak rides. Dinner and night at anchor.

Day 2 - Wednesday
After the breakfast navigation of two hours to the shells village, Kauraufara.  Visit the village, discover the large motu, visit the coconut plantation and learn about the production of copra - option to purchase paumoto crafts.  Reboard the catamaran for a short 15-minute cruise to the coral gardens for your lunch stop. motu Hauone. Discovery of the wild part of the lagoon. Snorkel on the coral garden and in the late afternoon sail 30-minutes to the Pink Sands. Walk the sandbank, discover the earsternmost part of Rangiroa. Dinner and night at this spot.

Day 3 - Thursday
After breakfast, a short navigation of 10-minutes to a coral garden, then back on board for a 45-minute crossing to motu Teu and The Birds Island.
Option: Visit Birds Islands and enjoy a local BBQ on a private motu.
Afternoon: Enjoy snorkelling, kayaks, swimming and for dinner and your overnight anchor.

Day 4 - Friday
After breakfast, short navigation of one and a half hours in the south of  Rangiroa lagoon, stop at Otepipi - famous for its church of St Anne. Stroll the largest beach of Rangiroa and enjoy the coral reef, then take the 2-hour crossing to motu Faama.  Lunch on board then enjoy the reef with free diving in the coral garden, paddle a kayak or relax. 
Dinner and overnight at anchor.

Day 5 - Saturday
Early morning breakfast, then set sail for the 3-hour traverse to the Blue Lagoon.  Discover this natural site, one of the most symbolic locations in the Tuamotu Islands - enjoy snorkelling amongst the colourful tropical fish and corals.
Return on board for lunch and set sail for Avatoru where you arrive in the late afternoon.  Dive "The Aquarium" in front of Tiputa Pass and the drift diving or dolphin watching at the pass.
Dinner and overnight at anchor.

Day 6 - Sunday
After breakfast, disembark at the public pier at Ohotu at 08.00 am.

7 night Round-trip from Raiatea to Bora Bora, Tahaa and Huahine
Bora Bora Dream Cruises operate year-round departing every Saturday
Day 1 – Saturday -  Raiatea
Welcome and boarding at noon at Dream Yacht charter Base, Marina of Uturoa. Lunch on board, short navigation inside the lagoon of Raiatea to Meri Meri pass. Beachcombing, nautical activities.
Option: visit a black pearl farm

Day 2 – Sunday – Bora Bora
Navigation to Bora Bora (4 hours). Lunch at anchor and discovery of one of the most beautiful island in the South Pacific. Night at anchor in the east of Bora Bora.

Day 3 – Monday – Bora Bora
Swimming with the Manta Rays, then a leisurely day to discover this famous lagoon of Bora Bora. Short cruises on the world-famous Bora Bora Lagoon and a few stops for snorkelling parties, beachcombing and kayaks rides.
Option: Barbecue lunch on a private motu.
Evening and night at Matira Point.

Day 4 – Tuesday  - Raiatea
After breakfast, crossing of 4 hours to Raiatea. Lunch at anchor, afternoon at leisure or nautical activities, swimming, snorkelling. Evening and night at anchor.
Option: Visit a black pearl farm, snorkelling.

Day 5 – Wednesday  - Tahaa
Shopping in Uturoa, Raiatea’s main village, enjoy the local market.
Option: Guided tour of Raiatea, Taputapuatea temple, botanic, green valley and waterfalls.
Short navigation to motu Ceran. Robinson day at anchor for nautical activities, snorkelling, swimming.
Option: Dinner and evening in a restaurant with a local Polynesian show.

Day 6 – Thursday  - Huahine
Early departure to Huahine, navigation of 4 hours. Arrival in Bourayne Bay around noon. Afternoon, leisure activities at Ana Iti Beach - kayaks, snorkelling parties, watersports.

Day 7 – Friday  -   Huahine & Raiatea
After breakfast, short navigation to Fare Village for a visit then snorkelling. After lunch enjoy the 4-hour crossing back to Raiatea island. Sunset arrival on the sacred island. 
Option: Guided tour of Huahine archaeological sites, fish traps, vanilla plantations, sacred eels.

Day 8 – Saturday  - Raiatea
Disembarking at 08.00 am, Dream Yacht charter Base, Marina of Uturoa.

Sailing Dates Bora Bora Dream Cruise:
Bora Bora Dream Cruise departs on a Saturday and returns on Saturday every week, year round.

     One Way Cruises Between Papeete and
     Raiatea via Moorea, Huahine, Bora Bora and Tahaa.
Cruises operate in both directions so departure days vary:
See below the sample itinerary for actual departure dates
Bullet 11 Days Raiatea to Tahiti
Bullet 11 days Tahiti to Raiatea

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1 – Saturday  -  Raiatea and Tahaa
Welcome and boarding at noon,. Dream Yacht Charter base, Marina of Uturoa. Lunch and  navigation inside Raiatea lagoon to Meri Meri Pass, water-based activities.

Day 2  -  Sunday  - Morning to Bora Bora – lunch and afternoon Bora Bora
Navigation of 5 hours to Bora Bora. Lunch at anchor in the most beautiful lagoon of south Pacific. Nautical activities.
Evening and night at Matira Point Bora Bora.

Day 3  -  Monday  -  Bora Bora
Discovery of Bora Bora and her lagoon. Short navigations around the lagoon of Bora Bora, The Barrier Reef, snorkelling in a coral garden.  Sharks, turtles and tropical fish watching.
Option: Barbecue lunch on a private motu,

Day 4  -  Tuesday  -  Bora Bora to Raiatea/Tahaa
Navigation of 4 hours to Tahaa. On arrival Tahaa lunch in the lagoon at the coral garden of Tao Tao and a full afternoon  of water-based activities.
Option: Dinner and evening in a restaurant with a local Polynesian how.
Evening and night at Apu Bay Tahaa.

Day 5  -  Wednesday  -  Tahaa then Tahaa to Raiatea
Navigation of 2 hours to Motu Ceran. Discovery of Haamene Bay. Robinson day: beach – ride on the motu – snorkelling parties – sea kayaks followed by  2 hours navigation to Raiatea island further up the same lagoon.

Day 6  -  Thursday  -  to Huahine
Early departure to Huahine (4 hour crossing). Arrive Bourayne Bay around noon. Afternoon at leisure Ana Iti Beach for kayaks, snorkelling and watersports.
Night at anchor, Fare Bay Huahine.

Day 7  -  Friday  -  Hauhine and back to Raiatea
Water-based activities inside the Huahine Lagoon. Discovery of Avea bay on the western part of Huahine Lagoon.
Option:  Guided tour of Huahine archaeological sites, fish traps, vanilla plantations, sacred eels. 
After lunch cross bac to Raiatea for sunset arrival. 

Day 8  -  Saturday  -  Night Sailing to Moorea
Day at leisure.  At sunset, take the night crossing to Moorea (12 hours). On a clear night the dazzling night sky display will keep you enthralled for hours.

Day 9  -  Sunday  -  Moorea
Arrive in Morea during the morning, mooring at Papetoai Village. This is a typical Polynesian Village to enjoy beachcombing, sea kayaks, snorkelling on the Tiki Spot. Short navigation to Opunohu Bay in the late afternoon, enjoy a short walk in Opunohu Valley.

Day 10  -  Monday  -  Morning Moorea – Afternoon to Tahiti
Enjoy Cook’s Bay and the north coast of Moorea, ennjoy Vaiare Bay for lunch and water activities snorkelling parties – sea kayaks – swimming. Late afternoon, take the 2.5 hour crossing to Tahiti.
Night at the Marina Taina, West coast of Tahiti

Day 11  -  Tuesday  -  Disembark Tahiti
Disembark at 8.00am, Marina Taina, Tahiti
This Cruise also operates in the reverse direction from TAHITI to RAIATEA,  following a similar route (with minor itinerary changes to maximise the enjoyment of the cruise in the opposite direction).

Polynesia Dream
Tahiti to Raiatea            Raiatea to Tahiti
02 April                           12 April
22 April                            02 May
12 May                            22 May
01 June                           11 June
21 June                           01 July
11 July                             21 July
31 July                             10 August
20 August                        30 August
09 September                  19 September
29 September                  09 October  
19 October                       29 October
08 November                   18 November
28 November                   08 December
18 December                   28 December
07 January                       17 January
27 January                       06 February
16 February                     26 February
07 March                         17 March
27 March                         12 April
16 April                            26 April
06 May                            16 May
26 May                            05 June
15 June                           25 June
05 July                             15 July 
25 July                             04 August
14 August                        24 August
03 September                 13 September
23 September                 03 October
13 October                      23 October
02 November                  12 November
22 November                  02 December
12 December                  22 December
01 January                      11 January
21 January                      31 January
10 February                    20 February 
02 March                         12 March
22 March       

Cash Box:
There is a mandatory fee on all cruises which is called the “Cash Box”.  This fee varies by the length of the cruise and ranges from 105 to 220 Euros per person (both adults and children).  

Cash Box fees may be paid in cash on boarding or prepaid at time of booking.
Cash Box monies go towards the following, depending on destinations.
 - National Park Fees
 - Tourist Taxes and landing fees on the islands
 - Mooring fees
 - Possible re-fills of water, fuel, gas, fresh products
 - Miscellaneous: such as repurchase of broken crockery,
   lost fishing lines or lures etc.

What Archipels Say About Themselves:
Relax and Leave The Sailing To Us

Explore Bora Bora and many other Polynesian islands aboard the biggest and most comfortable catamarans in the whole South Pacific.

Come and discover Tahiti and its islands with several itineraries from 6 to 11 days in Archipelago of Tuamotu and Société and more recently, the Marquesas: wild bays only accessible by boat or picturesque harbours, uninhabited atolls and ends of the earth moorings.

You will enjoy comfort of a double cabin with ensuite bathroom. Your hostess will prepare excellent meals and will introduce you to local flavours made of local fresh products, fishes and tropical fruits.

Over the past few years, demand for what are called “Stateroom Charters” in the U.S., and “By The Cabin Charters” in Europe have become enormously popular. Whichever name you choose (we prefer “By The Cabin”), this option could be the ideal sailing vacation for people who don’t yet have the skills to bare boat charter, folks who simply want to relax, or others who want to experience life aboard a crewed luxury yacht, but can’t justify the cost.

Sound interesting? Here is how it works. You rent a stateroom or cabin with your own private bathroom, just as you would on a cruise ship. But Instead of a thousand new best friends, you’ll be among just a handful, while our professional crew manages all aspects of the yacht, and a gourmet chef prepares all the meals.

These charters are both memorable and affordable. Our charter guests typically represent many nations. In nearly every instance, your yacht mates are intelligent, successful and open to new experiences and cultural exchanges. This leads to great conversation and lasting friendships. Our luxury cruise yachts typically have between four and 10 cabins, which is a far cry from the mass tourism of cruise ships. What could create better vacation memories than great company and attentive, yet discrete service?

On a Dream Yacht Cabin Charter, you’ll leave the overload of modern life behind and adopt a more humane pace: one that allows you to you follow the rhythms of the sea and tropical trade winds. You’ll be sailing on a 59 to 82-foot catamaran. Its shallow draft means we can introduce you to private anchorages and special snorkeling spots that the operators of large cruise ships can only dream of sharing with their passengers. On our crewed catamarans, you will experience a far more intimate vacation and explore unspoiled lagoons, pristine beaches, and reefs teeming with sea life, as well as splendid anchorages and bays.

You have planned a fabulous sailing vacation, and we won’t disappoint. All Dream Yacht Charter cabin cruises are guaranteed to leave rain or shine, and regardless of whether the yacht is fully booked. Our sailing itineraries are designed around short passages of from one to five hours each day. This leaves enough spare time for excursions and water sports – snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, diving, windsurfing and wake boarding – or simply hanging out and relaxing on the sun lounges of your catamaran.

Meals on board are prepared from fresh local products, and our menus embrace the variety and flavor of traditional local cuisine. On occasion, our crews even catch fresh Tuna or Mahi-Mahi right from the catamaran. Now that is a tasty meal!”

Our Specials

Bullet Early Booking Discount
A 10% discount is provided if bookings are made and confirmed at least 180 days prior to cruise departure date
A 5% discount is provided if bookings are made and confirmed at least 90 days prior to cruise departure date.
 - Cumulative with Loyalty discount.

Bullet Loyalty Discount
A 5% discount applies on all Dream Yacht Cabin Cruises for those who have been on a DYC cruise within the past 24 months before the date of booking on the new cruise.
 - C
umulative with Early Booking discount.

Bullet Honeymoon & Wedding Anniversary Special
Cruise on your Honeymoon or every 5th Wedding Anniversary and the bride receives a 50% discount on selected cruises.
 - Dates are usually between mid June and mid September.
 - Some closeout dates apply. Our Specialists have full
 - Every 5th Wedding Anniversary means 5th, 10th, 15th etc.
 - Documentary proof of wedding is required for this discount
   to apply.
 - This Special is not combinable with any other special or
 - Does not apply to Raiatea Dream Cruises.

Accommodation Options

In 2016/17 Dream Yacht Charters expanded and renewed its fleet of luxury catamarans now comprises 5 new “Lagoon 620” catamarans. Lagoon 620 catamarans are a little bigger than the previous Eleuthera 60’ catamarans and have 6 air-conditioned ensuite cabins and plenty of space.  

Cabin Categories:
Bullet Double Cabins:
Maximum Occupancy: 2 Persons
Existing Bedding Configuration: 1 Double Bed
Additional Bedding:  No additional bedding accommodated

Getting to and from Archipels Polynesian Cruises
All Archipels “By The Cabin” Cruises require at least one domestic flight (and often 2 flights) to connect with departures/arrivals.  Our Specialists are experts in all aspects of travel to Tahiti and all the islands of French Polynesia and we will ensure seamless connections, accommodation and flights as required/agreed in any package we arrange for you.

Cancellation Policies and Charges
Bullet All cancellations must be made in writing.
Bullet Bookings Cancelled 90 days plus before embarkation
      incur a 25% fee.
Bullet Bookings Cancelled between 60 and 89 days before
      embarkation incur a fee of 50% of cruise cost
Bullet Bookings Cancelled between 30 and 59 days before
      embarkation incur a fee of 75% of cruise cost
Bullet Bookings Cancelled 29 days and less before
      embarkation incur a fee of 100% of cruise cost

Travel Insurance is recommended
OUR Specialists can advise on all aspects of travel insurance

The information on this page is correct as at 28 June 2019 and is based on our supplier contracts to 31 March 2021. All information shown is subject to change without notice.

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Cruise Facilities
Bullet 19 metre catamarans with Skipper & Hostess/Cook

Bullet 3 Meals per day included
Bullet Lounge with kitchen
Bullet 130m2 useable deck space
Bullet Alfresco breakfasts in open cockpit
Bullet Deck loungers and sling nets for relaxing
Bullet Windsurfer
Bullet Kayaks
Bullet Line fishing Gear
Bullet Snorkelling Gear
Bullet TV, Library & Board Games
Bullet Inflatable boats for shore visits
Bullet Program of optional land excursions

Cabin Facilities
Bullet Air-conditioning

Bullet 3 Double cabins
Bullet 1 Triple cabin
Bullet All cabins have ensuite bathrooms