Hi Lesley

Back home now and the holiday a distant memory. Fiji was great. The weather was perfect and no rain.

Sheraton Resort was great, we did change rooms from where they had us and we ended up on the ground floor level on the other side of the Resort, nearer the pool area which we wanted.

The Exciter trip was great, Treasure Island lunch very nice and we enjoyed that day. We did not do the Cave Trip. A bit of a misunderstanding there somehow. The lady at the front desk or activities desk at the Sheraton confirmed the Excitor and we had thought also she had cancelled our Cave Trip. The guy arrived on the date but we weren’t going. The reason being that we were told there are parts of the caves that are very narrow and you have to get through these. I didn’t want to be that claustrophobic in caves so we both said we didn’t want to do that trip. Apparently the lady didn’t call the Cave office. Not sure what quite happened.

The Sheraton Restaurants were great but very expensive. The credit lasted 3 days but we did eat at the Port and other places.

Thank you for your help and assistance in making our holiday.

Karen & Richard