September 2009

Hi Briar

Where to start?!
After being home for 2 weeks, our holiday is unfortunately fast becoming a distant memory - albeit a very pleasant one.

Everything went without a hitch and we can quite honestly say that it was one of the best overseas holidays we have ever had. Vanuatu just has so much to offer - one of those places where you can choose to do as much or as little as you like. The people would have to be just about the friendliest we have ever come across. I used to go for a run around 5.00pm each day so by the time I was heading back to Breakas it was definitely getting darkish - didn't once feel threatened or nervous by the groups of people I would pass wandering along the roadside. 

Breakas was just fabulous - we had a fairly new villa but it was spotlessly cleaned every day and it was nice to see they changed the bed linen after 3-4 days. (Unlike our stay in Raro last year where after 7 days I had to ask for clean linen!). We couldn't fault the food in the restaurant (a NZ chef we understand!) and on a couple of occasions when our meals had taken a little longer to arrive, we were offered complimentary drinks. It was also pleasing to see the manager/director making himself known to guests and taking the time to try and  have a chat to everyone at the resort at some stage.

Can highly recommend a visit to the Cascades waterfall (no need to take a tour - just catch the bus) & a day trip to Lelepa Island. We also went to Hideaway Island (more for the novelty of posting my postcard underwater!) but after the stunning snorkelling we did on Lelepa, felt it was a bit over rated. 

Tanna was well worth the visit - Mark did not believe that we would get as close to the volcano as we did so that was really special. The 4WD trip there is half the fun! We had plenty of time to see the action and take photos and were never rushed.

They have 2 "blue holes" in the coral quite close to White Grass Resort where the snorkelling (particularly the 2nd hole) is magic. We were also quite lucky to walk up on to the plains one day and see the wild horses. We spent a good 2-3 hours mountain biking on Tanna - great way to get around since the roads are so dreadful but also you see so much more than when you're in a vehicle. The only disappointment with White Grass Resort was that they had demolished their restaurant to rebuild it so we ate "safari style" under a tent! In hindsight, the only thing we may have changed was to maybe do Tanna first and then have the luxury of Breakas but this in no way detracted from the overall experience. 

We heard a few grumbles from NZers who weren't happy with their travel agents so you were highly recommended!

So Briar, thanks heaps for ensuring we had such an awesome holiday - your advice and efficiency were invaluable (so nice to stay at a resort with no kids!). We're already thinking about where we may like to go next year - maybe Raro again but would most definitely have to include Aitutaki if we do. Have also heard Tahiti is great (but expensive so were warned to get a meal package!).  Will most definitely use Our Pacific again so if you come across anything that you think we may be interested in, please let us know.

Kind Regards
K. Topliss