Hi Lesley

Thanks for organising a fabulous holiday. We had a fantastic time in Bora Bora.

The Sofitel was magic with a great pizza place and supermarket only 3 min walk.

We went on 3 extra excursions and swam with a school of 14 eagle rays, went for a ride hanging onto the dorsal fin of a 2.5m lemon shark and swam with sting rays and through colourful coral gardens teaming with fish.

The water was turquoise from above and stunningly clear underneath. It was wonderful to soak up the 34 degrees heat after Auckland's recent weather.

The only downside was a bus driver who departed from the Manava suite hotel for our connecting flight to Bora Bora before the departure time from the hotel. I showed the hotel reception the time and he agreed they had left at least a couple of minutes early and they sorted out an alternative shuttle for me.

Thanks again, a dream holiday and one I've been waiting on for 30 years.