Hi Hanisha,

We had a great time in Vanuatu, am very glad we went to two islands and saw the beautiful Espiritu Santo. I would possibly next time have a little more time Santo and less Port Vila.  We loved Mangoes Resort,  with our own plunge pool, very relaxing. An awesome staff member Karl there organised a private driver to take us on a tour which was really great, saw some beautiful beaches, lagoons, turtle sanctuary etc. Food at Mangoes Resort was really nice & it's a very relaxing spot to be, can walk to town or catch the buses/taxi.

Santo was next level in terms of beautiful lagoons & beaches, Champagne beach is just as stunning as I hoped. The Barrier Beach Resort is a very special spot, our bungalow was like being the middle of a tropical rainforest. The staff were amazing and had very personalised service, they know your names and every wish etc. They organised a ute for us to self drive for the day which is definitely the way to see the island, cheaper than arranged tours and can take your own time then.

People of Vanuatu are extremely friendly.  I feel it was quite a good length of time overall & definitely feel with Vanuatu particularly Port Vila, it is all down to where you stay as it less like other pacific islands where you walk from your room to a beach. You have to be prepared for taking tours, renting a vehicle etc to get out and about. So having a great room with nice pools is essential.

Thanks again for all your help, I look forward to touching base with you for any upcoming travels.

Kind regards,
Janet & Jamie