Bula Liz,

We had a great time thanks. As a family we couldn’t fault the Sheraton Denarau Villas. We went and checked the other resorts and I think the villas suited us best, way better than the Hilton! The Radisson looks ok and may be worth a look at for another time. Having the kitchen and laundry is a must for family’s (unless money isn’t a problem then you eat out every meal and get it laundered). We took breakfast foods over with us and that helps stretching the budget a bit. Would take food again. Indigos (Indian) down at the port was the best restaurant option for us, awesome food, well priced.

Elodie and Maddie went to Kids club one morning and another full day. Great for Maddies age (5) but get the feeling the age drops off around 6-7, having said that Elodie (8) did enjoy it but only a few older kids bothered going as its too “uncool”!

Couldn’t believe how the prices in Fiji have gone up since we were there 12 years ago (a long time ago but still a big increase).

Only a couple of negatives really, one being our flight which was delayed from AKL to Nadi by 3.5 hours which meant arriving at the same time as a plane from Sydney and it took 50 minutes to get to immigration counter and we didn’t get in the bus until after 9pm, cant be helped, but letting you know anyway. Got a private vehicle back to the airport when we left, that was great, better than the overflowing bus on the way there!

Overall it was a really good time of the year to go as the weather was beautiful, no rain and hot! Kids loved it and we will definitely go again!

Bula Vinaka
Andrew Brown