Bula Liz

Thank you so much for helping out with our plans on Fiji. We had a dream getaway some two weeks ago now, and are still reminiscing about those 4 nights on the island! (way too short, but we know our plan for next time) and we are still sporting our Fijian tans as proof! Everyone at the Westin were great, all very friendly and so helpful, and they definitely looked after us very well. Our friends wedding, our reason for going over  in the first place was a beautiful occasion.

We did make our way along the resorts making use of all the pools etc and it was great. My sister and I both had a great time, and loved it so much that we've told all our friends that they all need to go and see the beautiful islands of Fiji. We're also looking at going back there maybe sometime in the new year. But whilst we managed to squeeze into our short stay a night cruise which was another amazing experience... Robinson Crusoe Island, but from our other friends pictures there were lots of other islands we have yet to see, so maybe next time.

Best holiday we've had thus far, hopefully many more to come.

Thanks again for your help, vinaka vaka levu!