MAY 2014

Hi Carissa

Our holiday was very relaxing, thank you. We have been to Fiji before and again enjoyed the weather, people and activities.

Raffles was clean and suited the purpose (ie. One night stay & transfer), but next time we will try and go direct to the outer island if we can.

Plantation on the other hand… it was very run down. Our room was in the new area thank goodness, (called the ‘200’ bures) and the staff were helpful and friendly. Highly recommend the Kids Club especially Tui, she is genuinely friendly & fun for the kids. We self-catered breakfast & lunch which was a good move for us, and ate every night at the buffet (not always that great) or one of the restaurants. Unfortunately we got sick, as did many of our neighbours and other families we met. Upon arrival, we were told the room water was not potable, but safe for brushing teeth etc. We were also told it would be safe to refill our water bottles at the bar (which we did). When the nurse came to see me, he recommended we didn’t drink the water at all!?! I wish we had known this from the beginning as we would have been more careful.

We were unsure of the target audience at Plantation – there were some families like us, but also many Australian adults / couples there, a lot of drinking / partying and bad language – not really ideal for a family with young kids. For a family it was an affordable, value-for-money holiday, but seemed to be a cheap party alternative for many at the resort. We wouldn’t go back or recommend it to friends unless they knew what they were getting into.

Thank you for organising our trip, and for keeping in mind our budget and travel times with the kids.

Sarah McGoff