MAY 2014

Hi Liz,

We are back home in Masterton with gale winds, hail and a frost tonight. What are we doing here?

Really enjoyed our time; The Warwick was great, classiest resort I have stayed in.
Cooked all you want breakfast. Wow - personally made omelettes and eggs. (I had porridge today and Jen had wheatbix).

The staff are brilliant. The unit on the waterfront was worth the upgrade cost. Facilities and activities also great. Only gripes would be:
a) no sandy beach 
b) expensive meals and drinks. Meals were from $40 to $70 but you could get pizza for $25 or hamburger for $20 odd. A cab at the resort to town was 700 vatu and a van home is 150pp. But tell the taxi at the resort that you are walking up to the road to get a van and they will charge you 150pp.

Duty free alcohol is so cheap. Under half NZ price in some cases. We met a couple from Wellington in the next unit and we told them we had wine and fruit on arrival and flower and biscuits each evenning and even an invite to the general managers drinks. They had none of that and also paid $300 more then us so we told told them of Our Pacific for their next holiday.

Would we do Vanuatu again? 50 – 50 at the moment. The worst thing was every sightseeing costs. Even swimming in the Blue Lagoon river or waterfall. But if you know all this in advance and get a good resort then it's a great place.

The fruit and veg markets are great and cheap, but the Warwick Le Lagoon would have to be rated 9 out of 10 for us.

Thanks for arranging it all and see you next holiday.


Tim and Jen