MARCH 2012

Hey Lesley

Vanuatu was amazing thanks. Loved it all, and didn’t want it to end! We had 2 days of rain and the rest was sunny and nice. The people are super nice, the food was excellent, the buses and taxis were easy. It’s an easy place to explore. We did a bunch of activities, which were all good except LaLepa Island which was a bit funny and basic ... though still incredible snorkelling.

Iririki is nice resort, though the rooms are a little tired and perhaps more like 3 star. That said, its in a perfect location, and the resort has a great pool, breakfasts and the boat to Port Vila was brilliant. We just loved Port Villa town and went into town twice a day.

Lesley everything was perfectly arranged for us re: airport transfers etc. Thanks heaps. I really really like the French influence of Vanuatu, and if only we could afford Bora Bora, I’d be there in a flash. In fact, I think Amani and I need to start saving for the next holiday now.

Amani did his back in (again), and was in a bit of pain for the last few nights. Probably a combination of the Jet Skis (far out those things motor!), bumpy taxi rides and kayaking. Despite that happening (which could’ve happened anywhere) it was an ideal holiday... and great value. I don’t know why more kiwis choose Vanuatu over Raro....7 days in Vanuatu is much more entertaining than Raro.

Thanks again.