JULY 2018

Hi Ada,

We had a great holiday, thanks!

The Naviti Resort was perfect for us, lots of activities, good food and friendly staff. The onsite a la carte restaurants were really impressive. Would have been even better with a kid's playground for our kids which were all under 5, but left that feedback with the General Manager of the Naviti Resort, who we met at drinks he put on. He says there’s a big investment plan for the next couple of years and a playground is likely one of the things they’ll do first.  There was some confusion over babysitting rates too, rates were negotiable with the babysitters so a bit weird how they suggested it’d be so expensive and charged per child. Fiji Airways were good too, just a small issue with meals they said we had to pre-order kids meals, but I thought they’d be able to manage that knowing how old our kids were from the booking. Also got 4 meals there and 3 on the way back, infant included one way, but not the other.

All in all just the trip we needed. Thanks so much for making it easy.