JULY 2018

Hi Hanisha,

It was a great trip, weather could have been better, quite showery and windy so unfortunately we couldn’t do the organised “swim with the turtles” however my daughter saw 3 when snorkelling out from the Return to Paradise resort. It was still much warmer than home and that didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves. The coral is beginning to recover and there were lots of fish. The road signage was a bit of a problem, which sound strange when there are so few, but very little road name signage, so hard to know where you were especially in Apia. Some of the sights were hard to find too, but all you have done was great.

The road around the west coast between Le Vasa Resort & Spa and Return to Paradise Resort & Spa, which I’m guessing was destroyed in recent storms, but we found ourselves along this now deeply rutted dirt road at night, dodging huge potholes in our little hire car. We thought we had got lost, but no we were on the main highway. It would have been nice to know that it would have been better for 4WD than our little ford. Still it was an adventure and gave us a few laughs at the time.

That all sounds a bit negative, but it wasn’t, we had a great time, it was warm, relaxed, we made some great memories and had some lovely meals at the various resorts. Everyone at the Return to Paradise resort went out of their way to make our stay a good one. Due to prior NZ commitments we only had 5 nights, which was really only enough to get around Upolu, 7 nights would have allowed us to get to Savaii as well, but that’s for next time.

The whole booking process was very easy, so thank you for all your help. I’m sure we will be in touch for other trips.

Look forward to hearing from you,