JULY 2011

Hi Liz

The holiday was wonderful thanks!  We were very lucky to have fantastic weather every day.

I would most definitely stay at the Radisson again.  The rooms were fantastic, very well built and very well maintained too.  Bruce and I are keen on gardening and the aesthetics that they provide and the gardens at the Radisson were fantastic and by far the best of any of the resorts in Denarau.  Our room was perfectly positioned on the third floor to take best advantage of the landscape so this made it quite special.  We had rooms 311 and 312 which were in the south side wing which meant the balcony’s faced north/north west so we had the sun all day and as I said being on the third floor and roughly in middle of the block we had perfect views of the garden, the adults pool and the back end of the waterfall.  It was just perfect.

The other family travelling with us had their room in the opposite block and on the end so they had a view of the ocean - they thought it was great.  However I just want to say that their room (387 and 388) did not get any sun and overlooked the restaurant/bar area as well as the pool so this made their position a bit noisy at times too.  So really what I am trying to say is that we were very very happy with our positioning - it suited us much better than the 'room with the bigger view'.  

Again, thanks so much for organising our trip, it was a pleasure dealing with you Liz.