JULY 2011

Hey Liz

Got back from Samoa on Sunday and it's one of the very few times I have been disappointed to return home to NZ!
Great trip, outstanding advice on your part - many thanks for that.

As Alexis and I thought, we had previously stayed at the Tanoa Tusitala when we were last in Samoa four years ago.
You were right to suggest it over Aggies, as the refurbishments, in my opinion, have brought the hotel up to more of an international standard. The service leaves a little to be desired at times if you have kids, but we found ways to get around this (read & order dinner and then let the kids muck around in the pool for another half an hour before sitting them down).
Of course, this is not forgetting that Island Time, as you know, is something that is to be expected in this part of the world.

The 100 Tala room credit per day special went a heck of a lot further than we anticipated. In fact, the four of us could eat a meal and have a drink for 100 Tala. It equates to 13 beers if you were planning to sit down for a decent session (not that I did, mind you). For me, that credit is an awesome incentive. We ended up splurging on cocktails on the final night because, with breakfast also taken care of, we still had around 200 Tala to spend.

So many thanks for everything from your end. Very efficient and the advice you offered was solid as the day is long.
Look forward to working with you again when we get around to having our next holiday - probably at the Tusitala!