Hi Lesley, 

Thank you from myself, Rowena and Atilla for the work you did that got us off on a great holiday in Niue.

The Matavai was a great place to stay with the staff really friendly and helpful.

We got to go fishing with Willy (what a character) who gave us a great mornings fishing and an update on were he see's the Rock heading.

We also meet and had a lovely conversation with the artist Mark Cross who was on the island for 2 weeks.

We were also able to watch a rare (for this time of year) sight of a mother and calf humpback whale frolicking around the breakers in Alofi bay from the wharf in Alofi.

It was interesting to note that this time round Rowena and I found the place friendlier than the first visit in May.

We will be looking forward to revisiting Niue again and have passed on Our Pacific to those who have asked how to get there.

Once again thank you. 

Rick Currie and Rowena Manning