Hi Lesley,

We LOVED our recent holiday to Castaway Island Fiji. We were so happy to have had your recommendations and knowledge - Castaway Island Fiji ticked all the boxes for what we requested for our long awaited family holiday. Family friendly, relaxing, activities (but not too much action), good food, nice accommodation. Which was PERFECT! Thank you so much. 

We loved the overall very friendly staff, activity offerings and accommodation.

The food was also overall good - especially considering that it was largely a buffet offering. My expectations were not high being a buffet, but it was actually for the most part very good. We felt the buffet offerings, were in the end better than most of the a la carte offerings. In saying this, we would definitely like to return to Castaway Island Fiji again! From our experience, we would definitely recommend requesting a Bure on the north beach side of the island. It is much more convenient and is by far the more popular beach due to the activities offered, vicinity to the beach activities, dining areas and protection from the daily wind (at least during our stay). 

Now we have had a taste of a Fijian island holiday, my plan is to save up to experience your other recommended resort Paradise Cove. Arriving by seaplane definitely appeals! 

Warmest regards,