Hi Briar,

Thanks so much for helping me run away for my 40th! To begin with, your quotes were very reasonable, and I appreciated that you actually listened to me and made suggestions based on our conversation, not based on whatever deal was hot at the moment.

We loved Breakas Beach Resort, and would go back there again. We don't have kids, so we found the adults only resort a perfect fit. My husband gave me his half hour massage which you included in the package for us, which meant that I had an hour-long indulgence; the best I've ever had. She even massaged my ears! While the garden view rooms were perfectly lovely, we were so pleased to have upgraded to the beachfront room; and we were rapt that it really was beachfront, as we've heard many stories of resorts without a beach. What Pacific holiday is complete without some sand in your toes in the day, and in the bed at night?! We also loved the open-air showers; it's quite special to wash the shampoo out of your hair, with either sunny or starry skies as your view, instead of the bathroom roof!

Isaac, Roy, Frita, David and the team genuinely want an unforgettable holiday for each guest; from the orientation on the first morning to the indulgence of personal requests, they made us (and I'm sure every other guest) feel like we were their favourite. Breakas is the kind of resort that sees lots of special occasions. I know of at least three other birthdays, as well as a 40th wedding anniversary that were celebrated while we were there. They have lovely beachfront tables that you can book in advance (and yes, it looks just like it does on the website), as well as a little 'hut' on a small raised platform with a roof over it, for those very special occasions.

The hut was booked on the evening of my birthday, but Isaac and the team set up a table on our favourite spot for relaxing at other times of the day, and decorated it with balloons, flowers and a beautifully set table. They also assigned Mantai, one of our favourite waiters to look after us for the evening. Pete had requested that the kitchen make me Coconut Crab, which is the local delicacy, and they delivered me an enormous plate piled with crab, which Mantai taught me how to eat, using the nutcrackers, and avoiding splashes on my dress!

Each night, Breakas has some kind of show for the guests; from a local musician with a keyboard and a microphone, to fire dancers, Pacific dancers and the glass-bottle musicians common to Vanuatu. On the night of my birthday, some spectacularly scary warriors performed for us, and as they were leaving, started gathering around our table for some reason. Little did we know that Mantai had organised his own surprise for me, when they began to sing "Happy Birthday to Merrrryyyyn".... completely unforgettable!

And no, it doesn't stop there. Once we had finished our meal, we made our way to the main restaurant area to have a drink with some new resort-friends, and Mantai brought us a chocolate cake with "Happy Birthday Merryn" iced on the top. These personal touches just made us feel so welcome and so happy, and I'm sure they were performing similar little miracles all around the resort!

I haven't even talked about the view, or the perfectly-placed loungers or hammocks, or how easy it is to get around, or all the great activities available in Port Vila, but again, I can't thank you enough for a truly magnificent holiday that felt custom made for us, from the moment I spoke to you, until the moment we left.

Tanku tumas,
Merryn and Pete