August 2009

Hi Anna,

We flew in last night and had a great trip; everything went smooth without a hitch.

The staff at Treasure Island were terrific and we were happy with the bure location. The meal plan was well worth it, the most expensive entree was $24 and the main was $44 which effectively took care of the meal plan for the day. The alcohol prices were reasonably priced and the exchange rate was great.

They had placed Michael's family and friends in bure #39-40 which was also a great location, ideal for families with children. We thought Ryder may have been a little shy for the kids club but he was keen everyday. They have a medical centre that was very handy when Darren had an ear problem, two visits and it was fixed. Another nice feature was that the account was accurate at the end, apart from a water sports entry which was removed as soon as we drew it to their attention. We have been to various resorts where you have to check the account daily with hundreds of dollars discrepancies.

I am going to contact Air Pacific regarding their allocation of cots on the plane, they had seated us down the rear of the plane on the flight going over and after speaking to someone of authority they shifted us to row 14 which had a cot. Coming home they said there were no cots available as there were too many babies onboard but upon boarding there were a mother and two teenagers sitting in the cot row.

Thanks for everything.
Gary Gee